The Department of MBBT of Cotton University is located at the 3rd floor of MCB Administrative building. Another campus of this department is located near the SNBC Hostel, Cotton university. This department was started with three incumbent faculties and one Scientific Assistant in the year 2015, in the erstwhile Cotton College State University. The self-financed B.Sc. Biotechnology course of erstwhile Cotton college was merged with the MBBT department from 1st January, 2018. Presently the department offers Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D. Courses. The department has a well established laboratory for microbiology, plant tissue culture, biochemistry and molecular biology.


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Recent Publications

  • Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of a Medicinal Herb Houttuynia cordata Thunb. of North-East India., Plant Molecular Biology Reporter (2020);
    Publish by: Springer
    Publish on: 14-November-2020

  • Book Title: Deciphering Transcriptome Derived Drought Tolerance Mechanism in Tea-Exploring Candidate Genes for Enhance Drought Tolerance. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany,  ISBN No. 978-620-2-5232, Book
    Publish by: Lambert Academic Publishing
    Publish on: 17-April-2020

  • Impact of modulation of telomerase and cancer stem-cell marker OCT4 axis in cervical cancer pathogenesis with underlying HPV16 infection., Journal of cellular biochemistry; 2020 Apr;121(4):2782-2791.
    Publish by: Medscape
    Publish on: 06-November-2019

  • Recent Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy, BioNE, E-zine of Biological Sciences. ISSN: 2456-7264 | Issue – 12 |
    Publish by: BABRONE, College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara
    Publish on: 05-November-2019

  • Transgenic Tea Over-expressing Solanum tuberosum Endo-1,3-beta-D-glucanase Gene Conferred Resistance Against Blister Blight Disease, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter(2018) 36:107–122
    Publish by: Springer
    Publish on: 13-January-2018

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Dr. Raju Bharalee

Head of the Department